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Monday, 11 March 2013 21:39

Who are The Cipher Sisters? Featured

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Twin sisters, discovered dead in a house. No known relatives. No foul play. Who are they? Who were they? Inspired by the true story of the Miller Sisters, our story focuses on the lives of twin sisters Lucy and Darcy, piecing together their lives from true stories, legends, and pure conjecture. With these tales, we learn about them and their effect on the people who knew them, loved them, or maybe only met them once. Together, these stories present a life filled with love, dediccation, anger, hatred, fighting, success, failure, and perseverance.  

Thunderdome press proudly announces the lineup of our second print collection, Cipher Sisters (presented alphabetically by author): 

You & Me by Adam Autin
Saga Sideshow by Tone Baker
Mercy by Rebecca Brown
Lucky by DB Cox
Darcy and Lucy among the Flowers by Alexander Davis
Mickey Slim by Chris Deal
A Chance Meeting at the Back of the Apollo Theatre, Harlem, NYC by Sek Han Foo
1971 by Ken Goudey
Asymmetry by Amanda Gowin
Real Lookers by Audrey Hare
A Witch in West Kansas by W.P. Johnson
That’s Showbiz by Jason Lee
Regular Earharts by Andrew McElrath
1951 by Matt McGee
The Cipher Sisters and Kid Nosferatu Dance the Bally-Kooch by Edward Morris
The Sister is the Sister by Edward J Rathke
There’s no Business Like __________ by Xander Stronach
Dance, Darling by Richard Thomas

Cipher Sisters, edited by Michael Paul Gonzalez and Amanda Gowin, will be available in print and electronically later in the spring of 2013.

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Michael Paul Gonzalez

Michael Paul Gonzalez is the founder and editor of ThunderDome Magazine.He believes in good Chinese food, good monkeys, good writing, and freedom of artistic expression, but probably not in that order. 

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