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Last updateTue, 06 Aug 2013 2am

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Themed Collections

Themed Collections

Throughout the year, we put out calls for themed collections of work. Here, you'll find all of those stories to date, including our ongoing Writers in Residence Series.

Children categories

June 2012: The Tarot

June 2012: The Tarot

All of the artwork this month is provided by Dan Donche's Darkana Tarot deck, available now! You can pre-order a deck at DanDonche.co/store (do it before they sell out!), or you can always catch the irreverent fun at facebook.com/inappropriatetarot

June 11: Double Piss Test by David James Keaton
June 13: Misreading Evidence by Chris Lewis Carter
June 18: Five of Swords by Tone Baker
June 20: The Fool by Bryan Howie
June 25: Fragile by Devon Robbins
June 25: I Am Gypsy by Kathryn Soverane
June 27: The Tube Top Shebop Tang Yeah Woo by Nikki Guerlain
July 2: Last Stop by Grigori Black
July 4: The Tower by Chris Deal

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LA1K eBook Celebration

LA1K eBook Celebration

The Anthology is now available for Kindle. Later in the year, it will expand onto Smashwords, nook, iBook and all of your favorite platforms. While nothing compares to seeing the physical copy in living color, the stories are just too good to limit to one format!  You can still buy the print version through the link on our Facebook Fan page with the discount code, or at full price through Amazon if you're feelign especially benevolent.

But for those of you who want extreme portability, you can get these 26 stories for less than a Venti Mocha Half-Caf Skinny Triple Shot Frappuccino!

Click here to buy the eBook on Amazon.com

To celebrate, some of the book's authors have graciously agreed to release new stories here on ThunderDome starting the week of February 27!

The lineup includes:

February 27 - Whammy: A Brief Reminiscence of Tamarken by Ryan Wilson

March 5 - The Fall: The Truth About the Mortal Dangers of “Old Glory”* by Doc O'Donnell

March 12 - Soiled Dove by Craig Wallwork

March 14 - Bitchin' Vans & Bloody Hippies by Nikki Guerlain

March 19 - The Reality of California VS the Fantasy of London by Jay Slayton-Joslin

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December 2011: Holiday Disasters

December 2011: Holiday Disasters

We're in the thick of the holiday season, and while the surface of the world is painted with bright lights and pretty colors, what lies beneath is something much darker. You'll get plenty of candy canes and gumdrops everywhere else. Consider us the cold, dark sorbet to cleanse the holiday palate. Here's the month to come!

Monday, December 5th - Burning in the Light of the Lord by Chris Deal
Monday, December 12th - My Father's Eye by Beau Johnson
Wednesday, December 14th - Home is Where the Heart Dies by Alissa Fehlbaum
Monday, December 19th - Silent Night by Katheryn Soverane
Wednesday, December 21st - Space Stompers by Martin Garrity
Wednesday, December 28th - Termnial by Daniel Donche

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October 2011: Ghost Stories

October 2011: Ghost Stories

So many good stories to choose from. It took a lot longer than usual to get through all the submissions, but hey - suspense is crucial to spooky stories, right? Here's our lineup for October (and there's a strong chance that a couple of bonus stories will slither in later this month as well). There are ghosts, monsters real and imagined, haunted houses and haunted souls. For October, we bring you:

October 3: Sterling Road by Daniel Donche
October 6: Passersby by Christian Williams
October 10: 2X2L Calling PQ by Kristopher Monroe
October 12: Broken Things in a Box by DB Cox
October 17: Where the Horror Is by Martin Garrity
October 19: With All Fine Corpses by Katheryn Soverane
October 24: Needlemen of New Orleans by Matthew C Funk
October 26: Johnny Be Gone by Alexandria Ali
October 28: Order of the Ficus by Bob Pastorella

Also, on Monday October 10 we'll be making the official announcement about our new print anthology due out in November, and a call for submissions for our next online collection in December. Thanks for reading!

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Writers in Residence: Warmed and Bound

Writers in Residence: Warmed and Bound

August will be a bit of a departure from our latest "Writer in Residence" series, and instead present writers, a collection of them in fact! The Velvet, an online literary community, released its first print collection last month to a rousing success - the book sold so rapidly that it temporarily broke Barnes & Noble's website (which is a very dark story on its own...). This month, we'll roll out two stories per week from some of the writers featured in the book, concluding the month with Mlaz Corbier's latest Dispatch from Thunder Road as he tracks down the wily and elusive Pela Via, hard-working editor of the Warmed and Bound collection. Some of these stories are stand alone works, some are previously published in print, but appearing online for the first time, and others are tangential to the stories you'll see in the book. Enjoy the ride! 

Warmed and Bound is available from Amazon.com and many other fine online retailers (and a few not-so-fine ones).

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Writers in Residence: Pablo D'Stair

Writers in Residence: Pablo D'Stair

Pablo D'Stair presents a complete novella, Helen Topaz, Henry Dollar. Enjoy!

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Writers in Residence: Dennis Cruz

Writers in Residence: Dennis Cruz

Los Angeles poet Dennis Cruz shares his words and his life all month.

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Writers in Residence: Ryan Wilson

Writers in Residence: Ryan Wilson

Author Ryan Wilson shares excerpts from his novel all month!

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May 2011: Mayhem

May 2011: Mayhem

Welcome to May, and a big month for ThundaDome.com! This month's collection will be the final monthly collection published on the site... but never fear! We're changing our submissions policy to Always Open, Never Themed. Starting in June, we'll be releasing stories on a regularly scheduled basis (hopefully one per week or bi-monthly) along with more great new content. There's a big project in the works for later in the year, and some new weekly content that will be rolling out throughout may as well. Keep an eye on our homepage for new book reviews and book excerpts. And in the meantime, take a look at MAYHEM, our latest themed collection of stories. We're foregoing the usual brief descriptions of the stories this month. It's Mayhem after all, best experienced when stumbled into blindly. Be warned - there's chaos ahead, and darkness. See you on the other side...

Cannibal Cabaret by edward j rathke 
The Draftsman's Descent by Simon West Bulford
Bruiser by Danielle Tobias
The Second or Third Coming by Phil Jourdan
7-8-11-9-9 by H.V. Stone
The Self in Other People by Patrick Verhagen     

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April 2011: Resurrection

April 2011: Resurrection

Birthday Boy - Jay Slayton-Joslin gives us a story where a life begins and ends at the same time

Another Castle - Nicholas Merlin Karpuk weaves a tale of 8-bit, two-fisted action

Head Rush - Stephen Conley tells the tale of a man who discovers something worth fighting for

Fuck if I Know Jesus - DB Cox shows you a man, a room, and the weight of the world

Nice Lipstick - Nikki Guerlain throws you headfirst into a fever dream

My Brief Empyrean Sojourn - edward j rathke follows two friends on the threshold of life

Paradoxical Ink - Patrick Verhagen spies on life in the cubicles, small victories and huge setbacks


All of the photos for the April issue were provided by Amanda Gowin

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March 2011: The Ides

March 2011: The Ides

Welcome to the latest installment of Thunderdome! Be careful with these stories...they're circling around you, concealing things sharp and deadly. The theme this month revovled around the Ides of March, and homicide seems to be the favored son among these Ides. This is an array of strange tales that would make Rod Serling proud, so without further ado, we give you:

Short Stories

The Sadness of Two People Meeting in a Bar - author Stephen Graham Jones (whose story collection THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY has recently been nominated for a Bram Stoker award alongside Stephen King and other horror luminaries for Superior Achievement in a Collection) opens the issue with a fast-paced, two-fisted tale of scheming and betrayal.

La Amante - Frank Reyes brings a taste of Old West Justice to modern day, tracing the roots of the Mistress you don't want to cross...

Vanity  - Victor Bengtsson gives you a short, sharp and harrowing moment in a hospital emergency room

Moaning Blades - Chris Deal follows two unfortunate souls scavenging for a supplies in a plague-ridden world. Grudges aren't the only things that won't stay dead.

Teetotaler - Amanda Gowin takes you to a seedy bar for one last dance

Persephone Smiled - Beth Maloney weaves a dark tale of a child's fondest wish coming true

Upon the Sons  - edward j rathke drops you into the middle of a fevered conversation and the watchful eyes of ghosts from the past

Fifty Bucks - Charles King gives you a double-barreled tale of robbery gone wrong

The Rooster - Bob Pastorella knows you don't see the Rooster and live to tell about it. Feeling lucky?

The Placebo Effect - Doc O'Donnell presents a story of what can happen if you want something badly enough

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February 2011: Bleeding Hearts

February 2011: Bleeding Hearts

It's been a great first month here at Thunderdome.

This month's theme centered around the concept of Valentine's Day and the notions it conjures in people. What is it about writers that makes us skew so dark when it comes to the notion of love? Love found, love lost, love destroyed, it's all here this month. Without further ado, we invite you to read:

Short Fiction:

Shelf Life - Nik Houser tells the story of an unusual remedy for a (literally) broken heart.

Fever - Amanda Gowin puts on the red light at a gentlemen's club

Permanence - Mckay Williams ponders the layers of finalty at the end of a relationship

My On Fire Girl - edward j rathke's story encapsulates love in all its blazing glory

Rain - Charles King's heart bleeds for you

Things That Could Have Been - Danielle Tobias takes you on a bad trip

Palpitations - Richard Thomas gives us a short quick and brutal meeting bewteen a man and a woman

BackBaby - Stephen Conley views love through the painful lens of hindsight

Breaking Up - Emily McIntyre finishes this collection with a breakup


Michael Gonzalez

Editor, Thunderdome

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Issue Zero: Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves

Issue Zero: Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves

Welcome to the first collection from Thunderdome!

Our first theme is based on a familiar line from the movie that gave us our name, but these stories venture far afield from two warriors fighting in a cage.

I'll skip the preamble and fanfare and get right to it: This is a collection of short stories telling tales of sadness, madness, pain, the grotesque, alternate realities, love and bullets. Click the links below to check out stories from our first collection.

Two Guys Walk Into a Bar - Doc O'Donnell explores the lonliest seat in the bar and what one man does to keep it.

The Smelting Room - Bob Pastorella weaves a tale of mergers and acquisitions unlike any you've ever seen.

Fashionably Late -  Stephen Conley brings us a story of devotion...or is it obsession?

Gray Davis vs. Agent Orange - Nicholas Merlin Karpuk looks at both sides of the coin simultaneously, giving us a debate between what is and what could have been.

Fulgurate - Chris Deal takes you to a dark place in a tale of devotion and sacrifice.

Vainglory - Danielle Tobias goes inside the mind of an artist. His choice of medium will leave you astounded, or horrified, or maybe both.

Thanks for taking the leap with us!

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