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Last updateTue, 06 Aug 2013 2am

Monday, 25 June 2012 18:14

I Am Gypsy

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Image from the Darkana Tarot Deck - http://dandonche.co/store Image from the Darkana Tarot Deck - http://dandonche.co/store Dan Donche

“The Queen of Cups! I just wait for you, And it is bad. And it is wrong. And unhealthy.” She giggled and jiggled. “The Queendom in your Kingdom, is a fucking disaster, and a disgrace to the English language. And probably Spanish. And French too. It’s all Greek to you. I am the Queen of Queens, and that is not New York.” She was peeling cards off the deck, slowly moving around the room, not quite dancing but taunting, looking at him. “Four queens better, that’s a hell of a hand. You may beg to differ, and I want you to, I want you to fucking beg. Four Queens, Ace high! But not as high as we are tonight!


She crawled up over him, baby doll night gown under a flannel shirt, straddling him. He pulled at the ropes, gritting his teeth. The knots held. She reached for the amber bottle on the night stand, poured some in his mouth, on his chest, drank from it herself. Flipped over another card.

“Four queens, ace high, with a Cherry of a Star on top! Ooh baby! You are going places! Not right now though.” She leaned in next to his faced, licked his cheek.

“Do you know what I can do with a full deck? We won’t be playing with it sweetheart, and what’s up my sleeve, could ruin your life, with the gentle flutter of its’ wings. The song a siren sings, the ache of a fool between your legs. Maybe, I’m the one that begs…isn’t that right? Oooh, the Empress, preens for you.” She leaned over him, pretending to cut at the ropes with a card. “It’s the King of Swords, my favorite.” Her laughter rising. “Ooops. Oh baby, I cut your wrist a little. Let me kiss it.” And she did.

He pulled at the ropes again. Smiling.

“Six of cups! Beer pong! Get one wrong and you won’t make it to Double Jeopardy!”

She laughed, poured more of the contents of the bottle on him.

“I’ve never had my fortune told like this! My wife used to have a deck of those Rider Waite cards.” He licked his lips.

“Your wife? Rider Waite?” The sound she made wasn’t quite a chortle but all the sexy was gone out of it. “No, this is a new thing, this deck is purely Darkana and there’s beer in Texarkana.” She wasn’t laughing. She wasn’t smiling. She climbed off of him, backed away from the bed, lit a cigarette.

“Baby, baby I’m sorry.” He pulled at the ropes.

“Yeah. Yeah.” She picked at something in her teeth with her pinky nail, played at it with her tongue. There was a knock at the door. “Avon calling!” She laughed again.

He was tall, beanie cap pulled down over his ears. When he turned to close the door behind him his derby jacket flashed open just enough to reveal a shoulder holster and the gun that was in it. She was pulling on her skirt. Slipping her spiked pumps back on. She took off the flannel. Peeled off the baby doll nightgown, stuffed it in her purse, exposing a dagger tattoo on her left shoulder, a snake wrapped around the blade. She pulled her sweater back on. Slowly did up the buttons, never taking her eyes away from the bewildered face of the man tied to the bed. The man’s eyes were watering. Abe had probably stuffed the rag a little too far into the guy’s mouth. Abe liked to do that.

“You still want my girl? She’s alright ain’t she? My Cherry girl.” Abe was picking up the man’s wallet and keys from the plastic wood grain nightstand. “My Cherry girl…”Abe was singing. “That’s my made up Cherry girl song, cause she just popped yours pal.” He looked around the room. “Anything else baby?”

“He said he was a widow but then he said his wife used to have one of those old school decks. I got the pin number in the bar for his card when he paid for the drinks. Don’t know about the safe.” Cherry was picking up the cards, quickly wiping them off as she gathered them.

“Oh his wife is dead. I checked that. Nice payoff too. I got the safe worked out.” Abe was looking through the wallet. “This your daughter? “ He held up a picture. “She home?” The man was wide eyed, shaking his head, No. “She at school?” The man shook his head Yes. Abe screwed the silencer on, put a pillow over the man’s head. “Housekeeping should find you in the morning.” He pocketed the man‘s belongings. Took his watch. His hand at the small of Cherry’s back, guiding her out the door. “How’d you get him up here?”

“Estoy sangre gitana y el alma. Turned the Queen of Wands over on the bar, he was putty.” She shrugged.

“What’s that one again?” He was taking the beanie off, pulling off a fake mustache, changing his appearance as they made their way to the elevator.

“I am gypsy blood and soul.” She smiled at him.

“Oh I love that one, that‘s a good one.” The doors opened. “Now get in there, I’ma show you the King of Wands.”

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Last modified on Monday, 25 June 2012 22:38
Kathryn Soverane


Moon, spells WRITER.

Poetry, prose, the macabre of suburbia, noir, dark fiction, stream of consciousness, romance and horror,  good writing is the thing.


Kathryn currently resides in California.

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